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Chung Tai International Retreat Center
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Class Suspension Announcement

The Coronavirus keeps rapidly spreading. In order to prevent any future outbreaks, all our events, including classes, will remain suspended until further notice.

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience but again your safety is our priority. During this time, and for your own protection our center will not be open to visitors.

Please stay tuned for further notices.


Current & Upcoming Events

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(Please check the Event Calendar under the Main Menu for the latest update)

Date Event Time
Cancelled Veggie Barbecue  


Cancelled Earth Treasure Ceremony  


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Grand MasterVenerable Wei Chueh was born in Ying Shan, Sichuan Province of China. In his youth he was educated in the Confucian classics and delved deeply into the study of Buddhism.

 In 1963, he was ordained under Master Lin Yuan at the Shi Fan Da Jue ("Great Enlightenment") Chan Monastery in Keelong, Taiwan. There he got up before dawn each day to clean the monastery hall and courtyard. While others were resting after lunch, he would remain in the Buddha Hall and prostrate mindfully. In all his daily duties and interactions, he was always devoted, caring, and diligent.

To further his practice, Venerable Wei Chueh went into solitary seclusion for over ten years in the mountains near Wan Li, a suburb of Taipei.

 Over time, as the area became more accessible, more and more people discovered the wisdom of this eloquent Buddhist master. His followers asked him to emerge from his mountain retreat to spread the Dharma teachings.

 The Master responded by building the Lin Quan Chan Monastery at the very place of his retreat, expanding later to Chung Tai Chan Monastery in the town of Puli in central Taiwan. (And we refer to the founding abbot as the Grand Master to show our respect.)

 The Grand Master, in adhering to the Buddha's aim to teach the Dharma, to show the way to lasting joy, and to promote peace, established meditation centers all over Taiwan as well as internationally.

 He is frequently invited to lecture at universities and numerous organizations. He conducts seven-day meditation retreats every year to help participants realize their intrinsic perfect nature.

 In order to preserve the teaching for future generations, he emphasizes education for Buddhist monks and nuns and established the Chung Tai Buddhist Institute to nurture knowledgeable and qualified teachers of the Dharma. He also founded the Pu Tai Schools (from elementary through high school) which place value in respect, compassion, and moral integrity in the education of youth.

 Beginning from Lin Quan and now at Chung Tai Chan Monastery, Grand Master Wei Chueh has provided vision, inspiration and guidance to tens of thousands of followers, monastic teachers and lay people alike. Because of his leadership, the essence of Chan teachings has been deeply and widely planted and will bring fruits of serenity and wisdom to the world.


Texas Pagoda Chan Monastery

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Texas Pagoda Chan Monastery


Chung Tai, the world’s leading Buddhist monastery, plans to build the Western Hemisphere’s largest all-purpose Zen monastery in Texas. Its artistic, cultural Buddhist buildings and articles will be priceless assets of the USA and all mankind. This is a historic event, likely to have a great, beneficial impact for one thousand years or more. Its first project of the Texas Pagoda Chan Monastery has been completed. The ensuing project is to build Chung Tai International Retreat Center, whose beauty, peace, and value will be stunning.

Support of Pagoda

It is stated in many sutras that helping construct a Buddhist monastery has unthinkable merits and blessings. Donors will have wealth and health life after life, enjoy the True Teaching and the company of holy beings, and eventually attain enlightenment.

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Grand Master Wei Chueh Visited Houston in October

grand master pic copy

Grand Master Wei Chueh came to Houston on October 6th.  On Friday, October 8th at 7 pm Grand Master transmitted Three Refuges and Five Precepts and gave a Dharma lecture at Chung Tai Zen Center of Houston.  On Saturday, October 9th at 10 am he conducted Opening Purification and Consecration Ceremony for Texas Pagoda Chan Monastery at Chung Tai International Retreat Center in Shepherd, Texas.

Photo Collections:

A Journey from "Zero" to "One"

Grand Master arrived Houston - October 6

Dinner with Houston practitioners - October 7

Dinner with practitioners from out-of-town centers - October 8

Three Refuges and Five Precepts - October 8

Texas Pagoda Monastery Grand Opening Ceremony - October 9

Post event dinner at the Zen Center of Houston - October 9